The Leading Digital Advertising Platform in Foodservice

Smart Solutions is a digital advertising and promotion platform, designed by Pepper as a sales growth engine for independent distributors in food service. By leveraging the Pepper eCommerce network, which represents more than $20 Billion of distributor sales, manufacturers are able to manage digital ad campaigns that can reach 25,000+ operators.

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Gross Market Value of Pepper Network


Active operators


Average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

How does Smart Solutions work?

Smart Solutions offers manufacturers three unique modules within the Pepper app. Participants can choose one or more modules that suit their campaign.

Native Ads

Display Ads

These are static banner ads that will appear at the top of orders guides that users see when they first login to the app. Multiple products can be easily scrolled through directly below the banner for quick access to product features, benefits, and pricing.

Prioritized Search

Keyword Prioritization

This module allows manufacturers to identify high ranking keywords related to products that they would like to feature and surfaces those products to the top of user’s search results. Users are then able to easily add items to their orders with a click of a button.


Sample Requests

Enabling the ‘Request a Sample’ button allows users to digital submit their interest in a product within the app, which creates a hot lead for manufacturers to follow up on.

Advertise with the Largest eCommerce Network in Foodservice

Supercharge sales and drive search priority with targeted digital ads within the largest network of independent foodservice distributors.

Drive success with real-time reporting:


How many people saw your ad?


Are items making it into the cart?

New operators

New operators
Which customers are new?

Sales monitoring

Sales monitoring
How is each SKU performing?


Increase in weekly sales


Increase in purchasing orders

“Smart Solutions is a phenomenal thing for us. It gives that vendor the opportunity to showcase their items in a way that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise do with a company like Capitol City Produce.” 

- Mike Fruge, VP of Sales, Capitol City Produce

Capitol City Produce

“In our first native ad campaign highlighting Otis Spunkmeyer, we worked diligently with all teams on prioritized search criteria and keywords, and continue to action sample requests as efficiently as possible. So far, we’ve seen a 40% increase in weekly orders.”

- Quan Ngo, Division VP of Corporate Accounts at Aspire Bakeries

Aspire Bakeries

“If you want to grow your sales, use Smart Solutions.”

- Jake Vanderveen, Chief Operating Officer at McDonald Wholesale

McDonald Wholesale
Woman holding a case full of tomatoes

Real growth, real fast.

Getting in front of buyers at the time that they are placing their orders is a critical driver to growth. Brands are noticing anywhere from 7x to upwards of 22x return on ad spend in as little as a couple of months! Check out these recent case studies: 

Brand Type $ Growth New Buyers
Poultry 7x 52
Baked Goods 14x 227
Frozen Foods 22x 306


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